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dS - TE Editor

3.37 usd

This App is designed for creating and editing Timer-Entries in the Timed Event App on your digitalSTROM System.You can connect via your own WLAN or via the my.digitalSTROM Cloud using this App without the need to use the Configurator Website on your digitalSTROM server. Short advice:
- Connection are established via the Keyicon. There you can provice multiple connections, both local connections and remote connection via digitalSTROM cloud.- By tipping the Timeinformation from a entry you can change the timersettings, when the Timer will be executed.- By tipping the Actions you can select new actions and delete existing actions.- Each action can be tipped to set the execution delay.- By tipping the Conditions you can select new conditions and edit exisiting conditions.- Deleting a entry (or action or condition) is possible by swipping them vertically.- Changes will not be saved instant on change, you have to press "Save" to confirm your changes
Note: - This app is not provided from the company digitalSTROM AG, it is usermade. - Your digitalSTROM Server should be minimun version 1.5.